Technology & Innovation

Vertical Integration

Clover Technologies Group’s engineering capability is second to none, and our vertically integrated structure ensures we control all the critical aspects of the reclamation, remanufacturing and remarketing process.

Here’s How Vertical Integration Benefits Our Customers:


Clover Team/Process: Customer Benefit:
100% Control of Empties Collection As the largest empties collector in the world, Clover has access to the best quality, virgin OEM cores.
State-of-the-Art Reclamation Process Clover helps customers maximize the value of their technology assets through a state-of-the-art reclamation process that ensures every usable component and material is put back into the supply chain.
End-of-Life Processing for All Unusable Materials Any component that cannot be reused or resold is recycled in the most environmentally responsible manner ensuring we exceed our customers’ sustainability requirements.
In-house Engineering + Research & Development Clover’s in-house engineering and R&D teams are second to none. We hold over 62 patents, have 27 patents pending and back up every product with a 100% performance and IP clearance guarantee.
Marketing, Merchandising, Retail and eCommerce Resources Clover has marketing, merchandising, retail and ecommerce teams in place to help customers drive sales and increase market penetration. From building a website and private label brand to designing a custom collections program, Clover’s customers are able to leverage the marketing resources of a billion dollar company.
Worldwide Distribution Capabilities Our strategic distribution network spans the globe and ensures timely delivery and the best availability no matter where our customers are located.
Largest Global Field Sales Organization Our highly tenured sales team has a deep understanding of the markets we serve. We have sales teams located all over the world available when and where our customers need them.
In-House Issue Resolution Clover doesn’t outsource product, technical or customer support. We have built our business by building strong relationships and trust with our customers, and providing exemplary issue resolution is of paramount importance. Clover has a full team of highly trained and experienced support specialists to assist you and your customers no matter what the issue.

Reverse Logistics & Reclamation

Industry's Most Advanced Reclamation Processes

Clover’s unique reverse logistics and remanufacturing model is renowned in the industry for its ability to maximize the value derived from used technology assets. Clover’s proprietary processes and deep expertise enable us to reclaim parts and components from electronics much more efficiently and effectively than our competitors resulting in cost savings for our customers and environmentally superior solutions.

Laser Cartridges Reclamation

Dedicated teams at Clover are exclusively focused on reclaiming parts and components from cores deemed reusable. Our goal is to reclaim and/or restore as many components as possible for reuse in our own remanufacturing processes. We have invested significant time and resources into our reclamation process, including training, specialized cleaning, and procedures such as coating mag rollers to restore them for reuse. Anything that cannot be reclaimed is recycled in accordance with our zero-waste-to-landfill goal.

While Clover strives to excise maximum value from used technology, we remain committed to respecting all intellectual property rights and therefore do not reclaim parts from counterfeit or compatible cartridges. Counterfeit and compatible cartridges are responsibly recycled and/or ground up and used in various injection molding processes.

Clover’s Closed Loop Environmental Process for Printer Cartridges


Wireless Reclamation

Clover Wireless is the world leader in parts reclamation and recovery for wireless devices and is well-known for its unrivaled ability to deliver higher value solutions to carriers, OEMs, and retailers across the globe. Our innovative reclamation process enables heavy reclamation of all functional parts of wireless devices, including LCDs, touchscreens, flex cables, wifi modules, speakers, and vibrators. By recovering more parts, Clover Wireless helps customers cut costs, create a secondary source of parts to supplement OEM part shortages, and dispose of unusable components in the most environmentally responsible manner.

All our proprietary reclamation and recovery operations are conducted in-house, without relying on outside suppliers. Heavy reclamation services emphasize the use and reuse of OEM parts at every turn. Many competitors use third party materials in the repair process due to their limited reclamation capabilities, which presents a significant quality control risk.

R&d And Engineering

“With the ultimate goal of curtailing remanufacturing, some of the latest OEM designs are more geared towards OEM profitability. Clover’s automation engineering team, in conjunction with our worldwide R&D teams, is able to bring solutions to these challenges, minimize the impact on the environment and continue to contribute to Clover’s success.”

Heymo Hormann

Vice President, Automated Engineering

Clover’s in-house Automation and Robotics Engineering Team has developed a catalog of more than 700 process-enhancing tools, machines and robots to support our sophisticated global manufacturing environments - driving down production costs and increasing product consistency and quality in all facilities.

This consistency and quality enables Clover to produce the highest quality products in the market with defect rates that rival that of the OEMs.

State-of-the-Art Technology Center

  • 15,000 square feet and staffed by 22 electrical and mechanical engineers and specialists
  • 3D component scanning, modeling and animation
  • Development of all circuitry, pneumatic diagrams, and electronic controls for robotic and automation machinery
  • DXF direct import of CAD drawings into CNC machining centers equipped with automated tool changers to deliver accuracy and efficiency in the machine assembly process

Advantages of Clover’s Robotics & Automation

  • Increased accuracy, consistency and efficiency
  • Repeatability of high-precision processes
  • Elimination of variability in processes with a dramatic effect on quality
  • Built in process versatility to support Clover’s nimble manufacturing environment
  • Improved testing accuracy

Clover’s Global Technology Network

  • Ottawa, Illinois
    • Monochrome Laser – printer, multifunction, fax, copier
  • Ithaca, Michigan
    • Inkjet, Ink tanks
  • Thousand Oaks, California
    • Color Laser – Beta Production
    • Largest dedicated color lab in the industry, 60k sq ft
  • Novi Sad, Serbia
    • Monochrome & Color Laser

Manufacturing Innovation

Remanufacturing innovation with a focus on sustainability is the key to Clover Technologies Group continued success in the intelligent re-engineering and reuse of everything from printer cartridges to mobile phones to telecom equipment. Our sophisticated manufacturing environment is the result of years of research and development and the investment of significant resources.

With a relentless commitment to manufacture products of unmatched quality and performance, Clover’s in-house engineering teams ensure our products meet or exceed OEM specifications through:

  • the design and implementation of propriety development practices,
  • the highest level of manufacturing standards,
  • exclusive process automation, and
  • performance testing protocols.

In addition, all Clover entities work to develop testing methodologies beyond the standards of the OEMs. Clover Technologies Group has created many patented innovations to overcome industry-wide technological challenges. For example, Clover Imaging Group (CIG) holds more than 38 patented manufacturing production processes - resulting in the lowest defect rate in the industry. Clover Wireless uses innovative assembly methods and stringent testing standards to ensure the highest quality of devices while also using proprietary software and processes to capitalize on reducing labor costs.

IP Guarantee

Clover has proactively taken many steps and has made sizeable infrastructure investments to guarantee protection from potential litigation so both Clover and our customers are protected from potential litigation. We have built an entire R&D and Engineering team dedicated to ensuring that OEM patents are not infringed upon and that every product we remanufacture is IP-cleared. In fact, we are so confident in the integrity of our products that resellers who sell our products are fully indemnified against any OEM litigation.

Clover’s Promise To Our Customers:

  • We respect OEM patents and rights ensuring every product is IP-cleared
  • Resellers are fully indemnified against OEM