Page 5 - 2016 Clover Sustainability Report
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Clover employs over 17,000 people worldwide We began as a 

remanufacturer of ink and toner cartridges Through continuous research 

and development we devised a cartridge that performed as well as an OEM 

in every way and also avoided the environmental costs of unnecessary 

manufacturing and premature end of useful life for these assets Clover now 

reclaims more than 21 million ink and toner cartridges each year In recent 

years, Clover has expanded its business model into the wireless and telecom 

space – in 2016 Clover collected more than 5 million mobile phones and 

more than 50,000 parts of telecom hardware, the vast majority of which 

were repurposed into the market providing cost-effective, environmentally 

friendly solutions for the global business community and consumers 

Through our efforts we have kept millions of pounds of otherwise

unusable material out of the landfills Holding reuse out as the key to our 

remanufacturing process has made us the innovative leaders we are today

We are doing more, with less.

Sustainability is integrated into the fabric of our company Our commitment 

to global sustainability can be seen throughout our enterprise from

our collections programs, to research and development, packaging and 

distribution We look for ways to do it better with the least impact on the 

environment One recent initiative that was particularly creative involved

a partnership with the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Students from 

the University toured our facilities in Ottawa and Oglesby Illinois with

the purpose of identifying ways in which our company could reduce our

CO2 emissions and our energy use The University identified numerous 

practices Clover had already implemented, and made suggestions for further 

improvements which we look forward to implementing in 2017 These 

suggestions are detailed in this report and will no doubt be featured in a 

follow-up next year We are grateful to the University of Wisconsin for their 

hard work and diligence during this project

We are also mindful of our position This 2016 Sustainability Report 

in the communities where we
highlights some of our more 

live and work and of our ability
significant achievements and 

to support local charities with captures the magnitude of our 

programs that are driven, in large efforts as we continue to work

part, by our employees We are a to an even higher standard to 

culture of people mindful of the reach our sustainability goals in 

strengths that drive our business, 2017. We invite you to review our 

appreciative of the customers who efforts in this report and thank 

support our endeavors, and eager you for your interest in Clover 

to give back to our communities
and for your continuing support.


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