Page 14 - 2016 Clover Sustainability Report
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Remanufacturing innovation with a focus on sustainability is the key to Clover’s 

continued success in the intelligent re-engineering and reuse of everything from 

printer cartridges to mobile phones to telecom equipment Our sophisticated 

manufacturing environment is the result of years of research and development 

and the investment of significant resources

With a relentless commitment

to manufacturing quality, high- 
In addition, all Clover entities work to 
performing products, Clover’s 
develop testing methodologies beyond 
in-house engineering teams ensure 
the standards of the OEMs Clover has 
our products meet or exceed OEM 

created many patented innovations to 
performance through:
overcome industry-wide technological 

challenges For example, CIG holds 
• Design and implementation of 
more than 38 patented manufacturing 
proprietary development practices

production processes — resulting in 
• Highest level of 
the lowest defect rate in the industry 
manufacturing standards
Clover Wireless uses innovative 

• Exclusive process automation 
assembly methods and stringent 

• Performance testing protocols
testing standards to ensure the highest 

quality of devices while also using 

proprietary software and processes to 

capitalize on reducing labor costs


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