Who We Are

Formed from the consolidation of industry-leading companies including Valutech, The Wireless Source, Full Circle Wireless and YouRenew, Clover Wireless launched in 2012 as a global supply chain solutions partner for mobile device carriers, manufacturers, retailers, insurance providers, and enterprise businesses.

As wireless device technology becomes increasingly complex, and more people “trade up” on a regular basis, a robust global supply and return chain is necessary. With a comprehensive services portfolio that includes returns management, repair services, and customized trade-in and buy-back programs, Clover Wireless has the experience, scale and flexibility to design cost-effective solutions that meet customers’ evolving needs.

Clover Wireless’ repair and reclamation services are unsurpassed. With the largest mobile device repair center in North America and a team of over 12,000 dedicated Repair Technicians, Engineers and support personnel, Clover Wireless use its precision repair services and heavy reclamation capabilities to restore devices to OEM specifications– minimizing waste and maximizing value for customers.


Clover Wireless is focused on delivering cost-effective, creative supply chain solutions for mobile device carriers, manufacturers, retailers, insurance providers and enterprise businesses. In a fast moving, technologically changing and developing global market, we are committed to continual investment into technology and innovation to meet and exceed our customers’ highest quality and environmental standards.

Company Snapshot

  • Remanufacture across 400 SKUs and eight manufacturers
  • Reclaim more than 10 million parts annually
  • Handle more than seven million devices a year
  • Largest mobile device repair center in North America
  • Over 12,000 employees
  • Global footprint in eight countries

Sustainability Initiatives

We employ ingenuity, smart engineering processes and technology to use less – reuse more.

Clover Wireless’ business is built around extending the life of mobile devices to minimize their environmental impact. We have pioneered innovative reclamation processes that enable us to reuse more components and parts than anyone else in the industry, and our many environmental certifications guarantee that any components or materials that are deemed unusable are always recycled and/or disposed of in the most environmentally responsible manner.


  • 6.3 million mobile devices recovered in 2015
  • 3.2 million devices repaired and returned to market
  • 798,614,248 pounds of material diverted from landfill


Clover Wireless services include innovative supply chain solutions through reverse logistics of products back to the facility from the markets, full disassembly of devices, repair of components, reclamation of parts and reassembly of devices including mobile phones, tablets, and electronic devices. We provide trade-in and buy-back solutions for our customers including enterprise, manufacturers, operators, retailers, and e-tailers with the ultimate goal to reclaim devices and recover value and extend the life of the products for the users.

Clover Wireless conducts the highest levels of quality testing before delivery back into the market. All devices are quality tested to manufacturer and operator specs before being redistributed through our logistics facilities back to the market for an extended life cycle.


Clover Wireless’ Mexicali facility has over 12 OEM certifications, as well as the following key certifications: