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Clover Technologies Group reclaims value by innovating new solutions for retired assets.
Our partners rediscover value, recapture profit, and reap the rewards through Clover’s specialized business units.

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Environmental Responsibility

At Clover, environmental responsibility is an integral part of who we are and what we do. The core of Clover’s remanufacturing business is the concept of reuse. Reuse is a mindset that drives us to constantly seek productive and economically valuable uses not only for the products we remanufacture but for the components and by-products we generate in our reverse logistics and remanufacturing business. At every stage in our operations we strive to reuse material and give a second life to objects that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

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With Your Help, We’re Making an Impact
0 Cartridges collected*since January 2009
0 Phones collected*since January 2015
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of Waste diverted from landfill*since January 2009
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Clover has 19,000 employees worldwide and over 60 locations in 18 countries.
We are focused on recapturing value for customers throughout the imaging, wireless and telecom industries.

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